And just when people though that the smart phone race has ended for this Canadian phone super giant, BlackBerry came in with its new selling point that could rock the market – Security and privacy like never before. BlackBerry had a tough time coping with the fact that BlackBerry Messenger was no longer exclusive to its OS and needless to say, the class was diminishing quite rapidly when the whole idea of launching the most secured and protected smartphone series was born.

Another shock came when BlackBerry abandoned its own OS, ditching it for the elephant in the market- Android. This came as a huge blow to the overall image that BlackBerry had even though its sales numbers went up marginally. But by then, BlackBerry Priv was already up for grabs. Speculated to be one of the most secure as well as protected phone in the Android history, the phone was priced around 600 pounds at first (USD 1000). But according to the reviews of market experts as well as major gadget reviewing websites and magazines, it was hardly half its value in money.

But as far as the security goes, whether it is your private selfies or important business documents and presentations, you don’t need to worry about keeping them safe if you’re using BlackBerry Priv. Yes, each and every speck of data in the phone is highly encrypted, far too encrypted for any of the malware, hacker or malicious code to steal it and use it. BlackBerry has taken quite a lot of precautions to make sure that your secret data or confidential files remain confidential, no matter what.

TO make security an easy affair for a layman to understand, BlackBerry Priv came equipped with DTEK, a trademark of BlackBerry that not only monitors the OS regularly, but also alerts the user whenever the privacy might be at risk. With just a look at its report of poor, fair or excellent, you can know when to protect your phone as well as what to do in order to ensure maximum protection.

DTEK not only monitors the OS and the apps, but also notifies you whenever any of the following action takes place without your knowledge or doing-

· Microphone is turned on

· Camera is turned on for video recording or image capturing

· Automatic file upload or mail

· Access to contact and location takes place

Thus, BlackBerry has given all its resources to ensure that every data being sent, stored or being shared is highly encrypted, making it extremely hard for hackers to get into the system. The phone itself has a highly encrypted lock for extra protection and a Password Keeper that keeps your entire password safe and out of reach of other people.

Well, even though the phone might not have brilliant specs for the value being taken by BlackBerry, it can be easily said that it is virtually impossible to hack into or infiltrate the security walls of Blackberry Priv and it indeed is one of the most secured and protected phones to be ever launched in the Android Market.