Online marketing is one of the most powerful tools that you can utilize in order to increase your sales productivity and lead generation for a progressive business expansion. However, it is no secret that online marketing is not just a preset procedural set- it requires all round attention of changes happening around and requires the firm to research the market or its potential well before kicking off the campaigns. Online marketing is unpredictable and even a small change can bring monumental difference in results which is why you need special evergreen and tested techniques for tasting success in online marketing.

Here are some online tools and techniques to help you boost sales productivity-

Use social media to boost popularity

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twiter and Instagram are brilliant for boosting your popularity and brand value. All you need to do is to interact with the potential clientele and show them what you are up to. Imagine posting about your new product with a catchy content. Just make sure that the content as well as the mage post is something that appeals to their curiosity and they bend for more. The moment that happens, your card in social media online marketing was well played.

Another way in which you can utilize the Instagram and Facebook platforms is by holding quizzes and contests. Give away assured prizes or discounts on your product. The more attractive the prize, the more people get roped in and of course, bigger the popularity boost your brand enjoys. It is all about playing it right.

Use forums to interact

Help support forums and feedback forums should also be on your priority list. Online marketing is of no use if someone tries to search for you and finds complains on the very first page. Alright, complains could be a big issue or just the competition trying to get you out. Whatever the case might be, this is the opportunity for you to show your investors and clients that you genuinely care for each client and are there to help the out with any problem that they might be facing with your product or service.

Know your customers and know what they want

Knowing your customers can be a great advantage in online marketing. This can help you in designing content specifically for the target group according to their personas. By knowing what your customers want more and what the buying trends of the market are, you can easily make appropriate changes in your own campaign or even products and services to make yourself the preferred brand!

Offer product and services with offers on different places

Now that is a tricky thing to do. Offer Facebook or Instagram discounts, special offers on your application only and notifications for select few first 100 or 1000 customers. This would surely be helpful in presenting your brand with positivity in front of the potential clientele.

Online marketing is not a one shot technique. It is a set of techniques which if used together, can bring game changing results for your business.