Every year, there is always a lot of excitement in the air. It is not the thrill one would normally feel about a New Year beginning. Oh no, it is about the predictions of what the latest online marketing tools are going to be. Everyone is always thinking or talking about what is new or what is in store? As we are about to embark upon 2016, the exhilaration and anticipation start.

This year, most experts have said that is a great year for online marketing. It will soon be shaking up the game with the latest trends. Film Trailers and Records will take over. These trailers and records are nothing new as YouTube has devoted itself to hosting a number of videos and other platforms like Facebook and Mashable offer advertisers the options of marketing the product they are introducing. Studies have shown 2016 will be unique and different since Google has decided to get on board with video advertising and marketing. It is a mark that users have begun to accept the idea of having online video advertisements. As the trend continues, people should expect to see more kinds of video ads coming up in various unknown places.

Application indexing has begun to dominate an explosion of various apps. Google being the master of all social websites has been offering indexing for applications for quite some time now. With this being said, the chances of ranking an application have become tough. This year, 2016, as predicted earlier, business executives have realised the advantages of the online visibility of a dedicated application. There was a time when a mobile optimised website worked magic for pleasing the mobile crowd but now, apps have replaced them. These apps can do just about anything a website can do.

Doesn’t it astonish you how a few powerful trends have made such a huge difference? Well, we cannot always have been living in the Stone Age days. Times have changed drastically with the introducing of technology.