SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been one of the most common set of techniques that is being adopted by leading companies and businesses for a better visibility and increased sales in the digital realm. Wait, doesn’t that sound like marketing where you need to promote the product with the sole purpose of increasing sales, investment and brand value? Indeed, SEO and market are almost the same or shall we say similar in both approach as well as results which is why companies view SEO as an integral and crucial part of their marketing campaign.

The closing lines

To understand this better as to how marketing and SEO are closing in on the gap, let us analyze what the major business firms are doing right now. Most of the ecommerce stores as well as service providers have now utilized over 80% of their marketing budget allotment on Search Engine Optimization and Social media promotion. Now as Social media promotion does give your better search engine rankings, it is considered a part of the whole SEO process. But SEO itself brings the name of your business ahead of your competition. Now just like marketing would have it, you need to perform analysis of competitors and the market needs as well. So where does the difference lie? Probably just in the documented definition because when it comes to approach, aim and the results, SEO and Marketing are just a tad different.

How are companies taking it?

Well, it doesn’t come as a surprise to any business firm that Marketing and SEO are very similar now. TO be honest, bigger and popular firms are gaining from this to a great level as they do not have to spend much on their marketing because many affiliates as well as review sites mention the service provider’s name as well as link like a zillion times, giving excess of links to the parent site which results in instant rise in the SEO rankings.

The companies have now changed their approach towards appointing marketing executives as well. No longer do you need be proficient in the marketing knowledge of the cores to an exceptional level. A decent part of knowledge there along with familiarizing yourself with the Search Engine Optimization process is what all major businesses are now seeking. Thus, the marketing jobs these days do require you to have working as well as theoretical knowledge of the Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Integration in marketing for enhanced results in lead generation and customer acquisition.

But is there any difference?

Of course there is. The procedures are not exactly the same and instead of being the same, they kind of overlap in their approach to a great extent. For example, marketing involved more research of competition as well as other technical stuff whereas hardcore SEO is just on page and off page optimization using keywords in required positions.


Marketing and SEO are way similar than they are presumed to be but are still not the same to quite an extent which is why you require focus on both the procedures in an integrated manner to achieve desired results in promotion of the brand.