Knock knock. Hey, you there? Yes, I am talking to you. I have a question for you. Do you know what Google AdWords are? Do you know why there are used? Well, I do. Let me begin my story by giving you the answers to the questions.

Google Adwords, yes, is the quickest and the simplest way to expand the reach of a website. It is a marketing tool that offers the best and most desirable results no other tool can offer. It is measurable which means that anyone of us can adjust our methods to enhance our results on a regular basis. When a person implements a search on the internet, the results are analysed and ranked to the closest match that appears higher up on the page. This, my dear friends is called organic SEO, which is highly dependent on the content, headers, tiles, the various links for a site and much more.

There will be a sponsored link on the right hand side of the search engine result page(SERP) and at times on top. These advertisements are created with the help of Google Adwords. Several businesses bid on a specific keyword or several keywords and if in case they win it, it will be seen higher up on the page. This will give the website a lot of exposure, which is what we want.

Marketing helps connect with several customers who are looking for your products or services at present. You can only pay for it when someone clicks on your website, which is known as PPC. So, let us assume that your keywords represent the business well; you will be able to gain prospects that will be converted into sales. Google adwords offer you complete control and the confidence to balance and measure your campaign.