Google made fascinating yet painful announcements that the company is now relying on the impact of rank brain on off page websites. They feel that it will help monitor the results and make some sort of improvements where needed and come up with their core search algorithm.

Over the last couple of months, a large percentage of all Google queries was handled by RankBrain itself. A normal user has not seen anything like this but according to what Google has planned and the present data available, Rank Brain will make the web an easier and better place to look for things.

With all the above-mentioned being said why has the impact of rankbrain on Offpage not being seen or noticed?  Why is it so important and crucial for a regular user of the internet?  Well, a lot of you may not know this but it is considered a new ranking signal. As far as it goes, it is important in deciding the ranking of a given page.

Rank Brain is a machine that is implemented with the present search engine statistics to offer improved results to its users. It uses the mathematical method and an advanced tool in understanding of language semantics. After looking at all this, I can safely say it has made drastic changes on the search engine that people are yet to discover and learn about.

As Google has been secretive about the exact mechanics of its ranking algorithm, we have no clue as to what the ranking signals are and why they are so important.