Quora is a revolutionary platform where users get to ask questions and get answers from the top experts of the relevant fields for free. After being launched in 2009, the firm has rocketed into the internet domain and is being actively used by millions of users all over the world. Entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, businessmen, servicemen and a whole lot of other people are there to answer the questions of users. This is a site where you will find questions as stupid as ‘Can you be Batman?’ and intelligent questions that might just go over your head. But what about using the exposure of this site for the benefit of your business? After all, an effective marketing includes the utilization of available resources in an efficient manner for boosting the business.

Here is how you can use Quora as a marketing tool-

  1. Talk about something new

Yes, you need something new to talk about with millions of users. So use a different topic or a different intelligent question to ask the people or experts. Likewise, you can answer a question in the best possible manner so that the users would love your answer and put it up.

  1. Open new communication lines

Quora is an excellent platform for you to open new communication lines. For example, someone likes your answer. Notice their followers and message them for contact building. You would be surprised to know that with an excellent communicative note, you can surely establish contacts with some of the best and experienced members in the industry. And making contacts never goes fruitless in marketing.

  1. Don’t promote directly

The worst thing that you can do on Quora is promoting yourself and your business directly. This is indeed a blunder which some small businesses do commit. In order to take it to the big names in the game, you need to bring out a great and engaging answer or comment. Talk only if you know about it well or else, choose to observe. Direct promotion can often lead people to know that you aren’t really as good as you seem, just here to make money.

  1. Build a strong presence

Answering correctly and asking the right questions helps you build a presence for yourself and your business. Not only do people notice you, the upvote you and follow you for every good content that you bring forward. This way, you can connect to endless numbers of people and then drop a hint about your products/services.

  1. Do market research

Research knows and in the war of marketing, it is winning half the battle. Marketing research with Quora can help you understand what people are talking more about and what do they want to see next in the market. After understanding the trends, you can surely introduce what your potential clientele might like.

Using Quora is not an easy play as it requires extensive efforts along with a great amount of time. But if handled correctly, it can surely fuel your business for the best.