Online marketing and promotion has several of its own ways and to effectively achieve that, you need to know how you can utilize your resources to the best of their potential. Paid search campaigns or Pay per Clicks (the most common paid search campaign) is one of the best ways to boost your business by expanding your customer base. Why? Because you don’t shell out money until the potential customer clicks on your advertisement for more details. So, it’s like a display board where you pay commission for every visited customer- saves money as well as time that would have been spent finding real leads and sorting through them.

Paid Search campaigns however rely on the keyword you enter for your advertisement. Suppose you have a keyword or keyword list and the words on the list happen to match with what an individual searched for. He will be viewing your advertisements- great! But what happens when he rephrases the search keywords or uses a variation? Wouldn’t you still want to target that customer?

This can be better understood by an example where an individual searches for ‘website development service’ and it happens to be on your keyword list- advertisement displayed. But what if he enters ‘website development company’ or ‘website design service’? Yes, this is where broad search helps you out, extending your advertisement even on the variations of your keyword which is why it is always preferable to use broad keyword search for more traffic and rapid increase in customer base.

Luckily for you and your business, Broad Match happens to be a default match type which you can select in Google AdWords or any other advertisement management wizard. In Google (most widely used Adword and PPC ad wizard), you can simply just click and select Broad Search and if you do not choose any search mode, broad search would be chosen for you. Not only do you get the benefit of having ad displayed for variation of keywords in your list, but synonyms, plurals, singular form and other forms too can bring your advertisement forward for the customers.

But how can you do that effectively? Even Broad Search can be modified and used in a smart way to bring about the best results for your business. For this, you would need to make your ‘broad keyword’ in a manner that it would be shown in the results more often. For example you can use the keyword ‘Web Design development’ which will automatically target web design, web development as well as website design and website development on its own. Thus, you no longer need to spend time and efforts in building an exhaustive keyword list for your paid search campaign.

As far as the Bidding strategy goes, you might already be targeting first position for exact match but what about the broad match? It is always wise to bid for position 3-5 for Broad match and show less aggressiveness. This way, you can show up in more number of search results than your competitors and close more customers.

The search terms that are bringing conversions should then be changed into exact match after a certain period of time. This eliminates the hassle of putting and testing new keywords as all you need to do is use your broad search data and increase traffic and sales like never before!