Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms with over a billion of active members. So it’s probably safe to say that quite a lot of your investors, potential leads and clients are active on Facebook. But are you being able to utilize the Facebook with appropriate strategies to effectively increase the scope of your business? That’s where the need of efficient Facebook Marketing strategies arises.

To utilize Facebook to its fullest potential, you need to overcome some common misconceptions and make strategic decisions that would directly impact your business in a positive way. From an independent study, it has been reported that over 70% of business owners still think that Facebook is a means to get free traffic to their website which would increase their revenue afterwards. No, that’s not what the ‘Like us on Facebook’ button is for but as long as your competition thinks that, it’s quite a good thing for you.

Allowing sharing, starting contests, using plugins and making status updates on the page – that’s what you do when you just want to show you’re up on Facebook but to get some real results, you need to think outside the box and take a step further. To clear the air, here are some latest marketing strategies that can help you power up your business to the next level.

1. Use ‘audience insights’ tool

If you believe that making a page was more than enough for your business to be visible to clients and investors, that’s not true. For a better chance to reach out to hundreds and thousands of audience or potential clients at once, you should utilize the ‘audience insights’ tool in Facebook to search according to a specific interest that displays results according to age and gender.

2. Go for separate ad sets

Don’t make the mistake of lumping all the interests you searched for into a single advertisement set. Maintaining separate ad sets will let you know which interest brought the best result, pointing you towards a better and more economical advertising solution.

3. Be creative

Now this is one of the long standing strategies in Facebook Marketing that has not taken the beating since the beginning. Including a general video or picture with your advertisement or post is not at all a good way to make an impression on your clients and you definitely need to push the boundaries.

Be creative, make engaging content that can entice readers and convert them into customers.

4. Change to adapt

One thing is for sure, nothing is constant in this ever changing business world which is why your Facebook Marketing too needs to change with time, adapting to the new norms and trends. So pay attention to the data you get or the trends you see and make changings accordingly.

5. Outsource

Last but not the least, one of the best marketing strategies for Facebook is to take the command while the experienced experts work their magic in utilizing Facebook as a strong marketing tool for you. With the appropriate skills backing you, there’s nothing to stop you from expanding your business with Facebook.