It’s extremely significant for any eCommerce website to generate traffic. The amount of revenue that your website generates, after all, is dependent on the number of users that visit the website and the conversion.
The eCommerce domain and specifically the sector of consumer goods is always fiercely fought over. It’s about grabbing the customers’ attention and getting him to preferably see your product catalogue rather than your competitors’. So how can you do that?

Be the Good Guys!

An active blog adds a sense of understanding in the customers’ mind that other than selling your products, you are also providing them selflessly aimed blogs. These blogs can be about anything that is relevant for the end users taking into perspective the product catalogue that you have. So, if you have a clothes store, publishing blog(s) about fashion and the latest trends shall go a long way in generating relevant traffic and can even convert readers into potential customers, if done right.
Add social sharing buttons to your blog, promote them a little, churn out content that’s engaging, and you will definitely start seeing a gradual rise in the traffic to your website.

But, integrating a blog and social sharing buttons is just part of the plan and you cannot ignore other perspectives for your eCommerce website — be it proper title including a conversion oriented key search term, or implementation of canonical tags, or image alt tags. We will explore more on these in a later post.