With a saturated ecommerce platform market, it has become tough figure out what kind of shopping cart software can meet your requirements. If you are one of those adventurous business people who are planning to start their own store, then there are chances you would have already struggled at some point in time. As far as research goes, some of the most well known platforms most people offer and created, have ranked them to see how effective their SEO has been so far. Well, the results produced, as per research, has been nothing great.

Well, it is time to look at things differently and by differently I mean, let us compare some of the ecommerce shopping platforms with each other: Shopify, Flipkart, BigCommerce, Volusion and Big Cartel.

So, out of all these major platforms, which one is the best?

If you are looking for a platform to run your ecommerce shop, then you have without a doubt stumbled upon several names we have been comparing just now. Even though we are not having a competition to see who’s more popular, you have to make a decision that will affect your business life in the future and at present. It is worth having discussion about, considering large groups of people lean towards a specific answer, which we hope, is the reason.

When looking for an answer, if you look at the comparisons on Google, you will realise that Shopify is the winner. There is no doubt about it as it has everything people want and are looking for. It is surprising to know that the 3Dcart platform is at the bottom according to Google.

We are people who cannot compromise when it comes to shopping. We have always wanted the best and Ecommerce platforms have given it to us.