SMM is part of the new internet ‘lingo’ and it looks like it is here to stay! And why would it not? SMM is an acronym for Social Media Marketing which involves advertising and promoting on the social media, yes, the same place where we (and your target audience) spend most of our time. It helps you to increase the visibility of your website/product/xyz; where xyz can stand for absolutely anything!

Yes, we know, you know what it is. But why is, whatever you’re doing not getting you the footfall you are looking for? Maybe you’re making one of these three mistakes.

Mistake No. 1: Shabby or Incomplete Profiles

We understand you don’t have enough time to talk about what you’re doing in your company leave alone showcasing it on Facebook or tweeting about it. But isn’t what this is about? Isn’t this the exact reason why you are even present on the social media?

You want people to know what it is that you’re doing and how you’re doing it and why do they need that! Keep your profile up to date, with complete information, at all points of time!

Mistake No. 2: Not Being Aggressive Enough!

YEAH! When you start, you need people to talk about you and that ain’t going to happen if they see you lurking on some page, once a month. You have to be in there face for them to sit up and take notice. Make them inquisitive about what you are and make sure that you leave a mark. Be unavoidable. Be EVERYWHERE!

You have a blog? Share it!
You have a product? Talk about it!
You have an event? Flaunt it!

Mistake No. 3: Missing Out On Platforms.

It isn’t enough to be visible on one or two social media platforms, these days. If you really want people to check you out, you need to get really out there. You need to be on at least 7 platforms. You can take your pick and move ahead!

It is extremely simple to get lost in this crazy race. SMM is as important, if not more! Carve your niche by talking to an expert.