It comes as no surprise that there are over 7 billion mobile devices in the world today, way more than the population of the world which does say that people have more than one mobile devices. Combining the App stores of the two major OS Android and Apple, we have over 3 million apps or so. To check the pace, the mobile devices in the world are increasing at over 5 times faster rate than our own population! No wonder businesses are hell bent on making it big by shifting to their mobile app in order to boost sales and potential client base.

So what is it that makes a mobile app stand out from the rest and be present in at least 0.5% of the total devices? (1% is a lot, somewhere around 70 million!) The secret lies in the development phase itself as it is the development which is going to make an impact after effective marketing of the application. After all, you need something significant to sell to the people, you can’t just go on handing what’s already there in the market.

1. Iterate, work regularly

This is surely not a one-done process where you get the first version out and the rest can be handled later. With over 2000 apps submitted daily for the different platforms, you got to work out the competition to emerge as the winner on the charts. Thus the key is, do not stop working after the first version. Allow healthy feedback from customers and try to give into the reasonable demands to make user experience even better. A good app not only functions well, but never stops to strive for perfection and that is what you need to do as well.

2. Work on the design

How about you open an app and the graphics aren’t good, the loading is slow and the links in app do not open the right activity- would you like to continue using it and rate it above 3? No way. So why not work on the design of your application and make the User Interface impeccably good. User experience and comfort is everything as this is where your app really achieves what it is supposed to do- ease the work or provide something good.

3. Know and win

Knowing is winning half the battle. Not only do you have to know what to make, you should first know what your clients want. And for that, you need to first understand who your clients or audience is. Understanding these points or answers to these questions can help you get a more focused view on developing your application and working things out.

4. Marketing smartly

Ok, so development is cool and everything is set. What about marketing it? An app’s success is 2 parts development and 8 parts marketing. Thus, you do need to focus on marketing it well. Marketing an app would not only include seasoning it and using targeted analytics, it also includes rigorous promotion on forums and social media sites.

However, you also need to pay attention to the keywords being used for a better visibility. Do not go for obsolete keywords that might get you higher rank but less hits. Marketing is the key, you better be smart or get the right people working on it to taste success!