Content marketing and SEO have always been considered as two different techniques whereas the truth is; SEO is all about content marketing and vice versa. Yes, the two processes go hand in hand. The days are gone when these used to be two absolutely different disciplines as now; it is next to impossible to practice one without the knowledge about the other. The technology evolution and the changing marketing trends as well as needs of the customers have bridged the gap between the two disciplines quite well. Thus in order to perform a good content marketing campaign that yields effective results and leads, it is important for content marketers to know about Search Engine Optimization.

The keyword game

Let us understand one thing- SEO is mostly about keywords whereas content marketing is about using those keywords. You can’t deny the fact that SEO is mostly about researching keywords, utilizing them and then tracking them for regular and consistent progress. However, you can’t use the keywords strategically unless you have a good content marketing campaign designer to back you up.

Understanding the users

Now the complete knowledge of how people use search option and what they really look out for comes from SEO. If any business wants to increase its sales as well as its scope beyond limits, SEO is crucial. But when it comes to wooing and engaging the customers with that armed knowledge, you have no other option than to use the silver bullet of content marketing as it is content marketing that produces enticing content for the customers and lure them into taking interest in the product or service.

By addressing the needs of the customers and giving them the content that they would like to see or read is a brilliant strategy to increase the business but in order to do that, you do need SEO assistance to know what keywords and what content patterns are being more effective in engaging readers.

Link Building

Just content design and marketing is not going to increase the visibility of a business. There is no way that you can get the users to see all that brilliant content, not unless you have a link building strategy in mind. Now content marketers and designers do not necessarily need that knowledge but if they know it, they can surely make appropriate changes to accommodate links in their content which helps in link building.
Apart from that, well written content always gets noticed and promoted. So if you have the right content design, it would be marketed to the people by other platforms which would link back to you. Content based link building is more effective and better in the aspect that it gives lasting results. Without knowledge of link building SEO, content generation becomes next to fruitless.


And finally, SEO requires consistency in output which is provided by consistent content design, generation and marketing. Without the knowledge of SEO or its need for consistency, content marketing campaign might not be able to deliver the desired results.
So, even though they are different to quite an extent, SEO and content marketing need to be integrated in a single approach for the best outputs.