Prioritization is one of the most important parts when it comes to implementing the strategies in Mobile Marketing. Major marketing firms have recently realized the importance of going to the mobile culture. A mobile first approach is now being followed for the marketing by several agencies and firms, taking into account that there are over a billion mobile devices functional in the world today. As the mobile culture itself stands as quite a vast field in itself, there are a few mistakes that are commonly committed by every strategist and marketing agency that call for effective prioritization of strategies in mobile marketing.

Not paying attention to customer needs

Marketing is all about giving priority to the customers and making them feel special by giving them an unprecedented personalized experience. However, many firms have now put their own comfort and resource saving ahead of customer experience and prioritization which is one of the gravest mistakes that a firm can make.

Thus, the marketing strategy to focus more on the needs of the customers has to be prioritized by the triage team.

Outsourcing without internal support

Leaving the marketing strategy on the shoulders of an outsourcing agency of IT firm is another mistake, if you do not keep proper tabs on them for the progress. This type of marketing strategy is highly unreliable and dependent which does not promise good results. Thus, the internal support needs to be provided from the company’s management as well as staff so that the strategies are not single handily designed and implemented by the outsourcing agency or firm.

Not adapting to change

Marketing itself is a changing culture and the one not adapting to it can’t survive in the struggle. Thus, the strategies need to be designed and prioritized in a way so that it adapts to the recent changes in the mobile culture are included. After all, only the fittest survive.

Following a very broad approach and target

There is an ocean of mobile marketing strategies and resources and needless to say, not every one of them can be utilized. Thus, you need an efficient way to sort through all of them and this where the triage team can work well in handling the crisis at hand.

The mistake here is that the firms try to use as many resources as possible whereas only the useful and the most effective ones should be used first so that the promising results can obtained.

Sales and Productivity Stagnation

Sales and productivity stagnation can happen with any firm if the marketing strategies have not been designed or implemented in the best manner. Thus, the triage team needs to sort through the strategies so that productivity can be increased and the sales can be brought to a new height.

Mobile marketing strategy triage team is needed inside the firm as well as in the marketing agency that your rely on. Now these might seem like an extra addition to the team of your management but they have a crucial role when it comes to managing the marketing crisis in today’s world.