Google has made mild modifications in its interface for sponsored ad features on the  “search results” page. The change has only been induced for certain queries that are regarded by the tech giant as “highly commercial”. The sponsored ads that were featured towards the right side of the page are now featured at the top and the bottom of the page. This change has only been made for a certain category of “highly commercial queries” as google puts it. Yet the development has created major ripples across the tech world and quite expectantly so. The trade analysts are already contemplating on the effect of the modification on the CPCs.

While the world speculates about the after math, we bring you exactly what you need to know about the development, the effect of the modification on the CPCs and whether businesses should be worried yet.

Ads are a key revenue driver for the tech giant which claims that the former placement of the sponsored ads on the right side of the search page was not really much use to the users.

In the new outline, as many as four text ads will display above the organic listings. Another three text ads will be featured at the bottom of the page. The move is triggered by the observation that displaying the sponsored ads on the right side of the page was less  practicable however, if the buzz is to be believed, it has been done by the company in order to keep up with the other contemporary portals that are capitalizing on their banner space.

Although it is too early to say anything conclusively, the modified feature may not be as alarming as it appears at the outset. With greater space to accommodate more sponsored ad features, the CPCs might actually plummet making it a win win situation for everyone. Whether the modification is able to provide the users with increased functionality is for the time to tell. IN the meanwhile we can be hooked on to more news from the tech giant.