Web programmers from various cities were surprised when Google has launched new statements about their Panda algorithm. Google has always been secretive and quite about their search algorithms. Their new comments took everyone by surprise as no one had suspected such results or statements.

Google was translucent and had shared new information on the new Panda algorithm that a lot of the SEO’s did not know. This is what I think should be the top new takeaways from Google about the Panda Algorithms. These are the sort of things the SEO’s should implement to create new, high quality content, or even better, to improve the value of the present content.

Primarily, the algorithms we speak off is only about the content. It has nothing to do with links or mobile friendliness. On the contrary, it rewards perfect quality write-ups by relegating content that does not match the standards needed or in simple words, not good.

There are a couple of things that you need to know about Panda including the mistakes and misunderstandings about the updates on algorithms that even most professional SEO’s are confused about like for instance deleting or removing good quality content that Google thinks is good.

Do not worry about what Pandas and simple create good content that Google thinks is perfect.