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Superior Vape is an online outfit specializing in electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. Founded in 2014 by vaping enthusiasts, it happens to be one of the best online vendors for e-cigarettes and Vape liquids. Here, you will find the best quality hardware and a vast range of the world’s most popular premium e-liquids.

We're pretty low-tech, so it was a relief when they shielded us from all the technical details and just made sure we were designing a site that looks and works amazing. Super hands on throughout the entire process, they never once made us feel like we were competing for their attention"

Client Requirements

Superior Vapour engaged us to help them create a new overarching communication strategy, e-commerce platform and global campaign toolkit in an effort to help them achieve their goals. With an aggressive timeline, a sizeable workload, and ambitious growth goals, we were excited to put our minds together and get started.


Even though Superior Vape had a brilliant idea, the team lacked an online platform and the visibility needed to position their business at the top. Their online trading platform or site was not efficient and could not handle heavy traffic. Also, their website was not SEO friendly and couldn’t score top ranks on search engine results.

Our Solution

Our team at DSTOL provided Superior Vape with an intricately designed ecommerce platform to help them plant their company on the global front. Our Magento ecommerce development solutions with a content management system helped Superior Vape to facilitate easy transactions and customer record maintenance. Our team also made their website SEO friendly, automatically increasing its page rankings.



Final Statement: DSTOL's competent team was able to perform better than the client’s expectations. Additionally, we have been providing regular responsive support to Superior Vape thus helping them to drive up business returns.

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