360 Insurance

360 Insurance Service develops innovative solutions to stabilize client healthcare costs while maintaining benefits.

360 Insurance Services has become an industry leader in developing innovative solutions to support client healthcare costs and preserving benefits. We thoroughly assess our clients’ business characteristics and employee needs to develop customized benefit packages. Through our strong relationships with providers and carriers, we can optimize client resources to develop cost-efficient solutions.

Customising our website was rather complicated considering the theming requirements and integration of plugins. Priyanka performed all of that efficiently. No complaints at all!”

Client Requirements

From product logos to UX software design, 360-insurance was looking for a long-term partner they could entrust with their projects whenever they needed digital support.


360-insurance has worked with DSTOL over time to capitalize on our unrivaled process and top of the breed digital designs and development. With a specialty for a broad range of verticals, DSTOL has taken center stage creating various marketing products for 360-insurance. These include: product logo and package design and product-centric websites.

Our Solution

DST engagement with 360-insurance included a fresh perspective on design for the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Streamlining and simplifying the UI included thoughtfully planning and testing a new interface design, and creating branded product icons. Also, DSTOL animated custom demos as well as designed and developed a new website to support the product launch.



We conceptually redesigned and upgraded their mobile site to enhance the user experience for clients.

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