Do you know what it takes to do every day for success in internet marketing? Yes, there is a specific routine followed by major firms and internet marketing agencies that promises excellent over the top results in due time. And never before has this been laid out bare in the open for anyone to see. So here, we bring out what a day in life of Internet marketing really is like. Not only will you be seeing how internet marketing is started for the day, you would also be seeing how it is carried throughout the day and concluded with a bang to be taken forward the next day. So, let us begin.

Hello sunshine, the internet is never asleep! The day begins as early as 5-6 AM here. A bit of refreshing cup of coffee along with the morning rituals pave way for the energy to kick start the day in a fantastic manner. As the computer/laptop boots up, the processing of the strategy for the day begins.

For any internet marketing campaign specialist, the early morning is the perfect time to answer queries, client mails as well as feedback reports. The whole thing would begin by going through messages and emails along with the previous day’s reports. The work has already begun.

And finally after two long hours, begins the content designing phase where the client website content as well as the agency’s own content is planned for the day. The content is easily framed first (with just an outline in mind). The keyword research is handled by utilization of several tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

By 10 – 11 AM, the work is shifted to the social media platform promotion and link building. The designed content is checked, rechecked, armed with keywords and then posted. A post for Facebook and Instagram is designed for promotion of the products and services while the analysts review how to take forward the SEO campaign for the day (to see how links need to be built further).

Internet marketing agencies usually address all their work needs, distributing the tasks to the team by 1 PM. So whether there is a change in the design of the content, info graphics, image post or promotional video, the work gets done and submitted for posting by 4 PM while the executive of the team addresses to the queries and doubts of potential customers. It is quite hectic till this time.

And finally, the day comes to an end where the team brings together a small report of the day’s progress, checking the results of their campaigns by following up with clients and reviewing reports for the day. The marketing campaign for the day is wound up and if there happens to be automation support, clients are emailed about their daily progress for update purposes.

Now it might sound too easy for some and too complex for the others. But the truth is, you never get to know how it really feels until you walk a mile in an internet marketing agency’s shoes. It is a battlefield out there- unprecedented competition and ever changing rules just make the fight difficult and the only thing you need to survive (take success) is to adapt.